Doo-wop sweatshirts added to my design portfolio

Doo-wop sweatshirts added to my design portfolio

I happen to love doo-wop music. My old ipod classic (which is slowly dying) is loaded with my favorite hits from the late 1940s and early 1950s with a few from the 1960s thrown in. I’ve been to three doo-wop concerts over the past couple of years (and will go to more when they show up).

I am not limited to listening to doo-wop. My public radio station is perpetually tuned to classical music; I listen to rock and folk as background music when I’m surfing on reddit; I get my hip hop fix from the cars playing it at the red traffic lights; but I plug in my ear buds and turn up the doo-wop every night when I do my cardio walk.

Doo-Wop is a joy

There’s just something so enjoyable about listening to the great harmony, pure rhythm and lyrics that very often tell a story, and sometimes are just downright fun.

I remember introducing doo-wop to a young man who worked for me in the early 1990s. We were sharing an office temporarily so I could supervise some new tasks he was handling. I had my computer tuned to one of those free internet radio stations when Little Bitty Pretty One began to play. I don’t remember if it was the Thurston Harris version (1957) or the one recorded by Frankie Lymon version (1960) but my student/employee stopped working, sat up, and asked me about the song. He fell in love with the the song first and then the genre, and as far as I know, is still a fan.
Doo Wop Started it All sweatshirtl

So tonight, when I finished my walk with Gene Chandler crooning The Duke of Earl in my ears, I realized I needed a doo-wop sweatshirt for those nights when the temperature drops below 55 degrees (I know, I’m a weather wimp). Luckily, Redbubble makes pullover sweatshirts available for designers.

Since I already created a number of doo-wop tees (and actually bought these for myself and friends), I reconfigured the most popular designs and uploaded them to Redbubble.

Since then, they either sold out or expired, making this post almost obsolete. But since this is print on demand (POD), they actually never go away.


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