What makes a t-shirt special to you?

What makes a t-shirt special to you?

If you’re like us, you have a bureau full of t-shirts you just can’t part with. They may be torn; the type and graphics may be fading; they might not even fit anymore. But they are close to the heart and it’s going to take some really catastrophic event to make you empty those drawers and head to the local thrift ship with your collection..

Some might have come from a dope rock concert. Maybe you picked one up while on the most romantic vacation of your life (or of the worst?). Did you get lucky enough to go to the Olympics at anytime and snag an iconic tee? Could you just not pass up a t-shirt that touted your all-time favorite movie? How about your college t-shirt?

Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint why a particular shirt (or group of shirts) resonate with someone but one thing is perfectly clear –it’s hard to toss something you’ve lived in.

It’s pretty easy to find special t-shirts from the past. Like your favorites, these come from movies, rock bands, special events, colleges, video games, holidays and birthdays. ┬áBut that’s history.

Here’s the big question

What t-shirt is going to become iconic enough to make it your next most favorite t-shirt in the world?

My prediction is that this tee will have to be totally different. It could be silly; it could be serious (probably not); it could be weird (probably); it could totally freak out a generation you don’t belong to.

I, for one, kind of like this one.Bite Me Tee with a Slice of Lemon


It’s certainly different and kind of silly! But it evokes a mood; it let’s people know I’m not about to listen to unwarranted criticism or bullying.

For you, it might be a t-shirt that relates to your political viewpoint or your choice of spirituality.

Whatever it is, I’m sure you have at least one t-shirt that you can’t part with. Meanwhile, it might be time to look for a new favorite — one you can wear until it becomes unwearable.

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